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Lille Cut Ruche, Grey

£6.80 per metre

A traditional cut ruche with a semi-matt finish that’s soft and tactile. This medium ruche has a 30mm depth which is ideally suited for the edge of cushions but will also add embellishment to drapes, throws and other upholstery projects.

Samples are available for a charge. Unsure of the colour? Send us a fabric swatch for matching and we will do our best to suggest which samples to order.

Please note: any colours mentioned in the product name are for reference purposes only and do not necessarily describe the actual colour of the product. All sizes are approximate.
A lot or our trims are stock items and will be posted out within 3 working days, but if they are out of stock then you may have to wait 7-10 days for delivery. Cut lengths are not returnable -if you are unsure please order a sample first or send us a fabric swatch for matching.

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Fringe Overall Width Range

35mm and under

Main Colour


Single colour/multicoloured

Single colour

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