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Ensemble pendant fringe, Aquarius

£24.00 per metre

From a sophisticated collection of opulent trimmings and tiebacks. Unusually, a matching tieback extender is available for the four tiebacks in this range. This fringe is 45mm in width.

Samples are available for a charge. Unsure of the colour? Send us a fabric swatch for matching and we will do our best to suggest which samples to order.

Matching items this colourway include cord and flanged cord, braids, fringes, tiebacks and tieback extender.

Please note: any colours mentioned in the product name are for reference purposes only and do not necessarily describe the actual colour of the product. All sizes are approximate.

A lot of our trims are stock items, but please allow 2-5 days for delivery for non-stock items. Cut lengths are not returnable.

Buy 10 or more and get 10% off
Fringe Overall Width Range

36mm – 65mm

Main Colour


Single colour/multicoloured


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